Sunday, December 27, 2015

Shalom and Sosaia

Back in year 1, I met a boy named Shalom. We were both in the highest Maths and Reading groups, but because for everything else we were in different groups, I didn't see him that much.

In 2009 onwards, we were in every single class, until 2012, when he left for Australia by the end of Term 3. I was best friends with him, along with Sosaia.

I met Sosaia in year 4, even though he had been at the school for longer. The 3 of were all best friends, but when Shalom left, Sosaia and were sad for the start of Term 4, but things got worse. Sosaia told me that he would be going to Australia too. He left before the term even finished, leaving me super sad, now that both of my best friends had left.
Luckily, I was friends with Jordan Alofi, and I had someone to hang out with and not be lonely for lunch.

Shalom and Sosaia helped mould me into the person I am now. Before I met them, I rarely smiled, I was shy, and I didn't try my best at everything. Thank you Shalom. Thank you Sosaia.

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  1. Thanks Iisa, I miss the both of you a lot, you two helped me turn into the person I am now, and I am so sad that I had to leave.

    Your Best friend, Shalom