Monday, September 28, 2015

How To Holiday

Term 3 has a while ago, thus beginning the Term 3 holidays. Most of my start-of-holiday posts are just about me being lazy, or having painful games of Dodgeball and Bull Rush, but this time it is different. Sort of.

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I had made plans for at least 1 or 2 days of the holidays, and that was to watch Thomas The Tank Engine episodes until both Thomas and I were tired of it.

I did it on Saturday and Sunday, and luckily for me there is still several season 1 episodes left. That's because on Saturday, we had soccer Prizegiving.

Our team came 2nd out of our division. At prizegiving, Sam, our defender, got best player, and Caleb, also a defender, got most most improved. Our team got a special mention for coming second, and we were given a trophy! The trophy was for the 'Most Outstanding Team Other Than Championship Winner', and we won it.

We all took a look at the trophy. Our team's name was engraved on it. Out of the 12 grade teams in Ellerslie, our team was second to last at the bottom. But it turns out that the trophy goes to any team from 11th grade to 17th grade. Our team was the first Gold team to get the trophy.

Well anyway,

On Sunday I went with my sister to laser tag. It was fun, and my first time playing laser tag. I had better accuracy than my sister, but she had more shots.

So far, this holiday has been pretty good.

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  1. Hey Iisa
    I want to know how you know that Thomas was sick of it?
    Frankly, I have no clue how you can watch TtTE for that long!
    Congratulations on your soccer result, that's outstanding.

    Mr Burt