Thursday, April 30, 2015

Writing vs. Writing

Today I was going through some old posts of mine, and I was pretty disappointed with writing. So I took it upon myself to grab my old stories, and write a better version. There will be more of these coming soon, so, enjoy!


11.P.M, some people saw a brilliant light 7 kilometres long.This had illuminated the sky.Then it exploded with a sonic boom that was heard from Auckland to as far as Wellington.It was a great experience for space scientists.


11 p.m. in the depth of the night, people who were still awake got the chance to see a bright, illuminating light that was believed to be 7 kilometers long. Can you guess what it was? It was a meteorite, being pulled towards our planet because of Earth's gravitational pull!

Because of the atmosphere, the meteor exploded with a sound so loud, many people from Auckland down to Wellington think it to be a sonic boom. That was a most certainly a great experience for astronomers and anyone else. Who knows when that will happen again?

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