Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Step It Up - Year 8 Leadership Camp 2015

As year 8's at Pt England, we are automatically the leaders of the school. To help us step up into that role, we have a camp. Usually this camp is at the end of the year, but we were lucky to have the camp in term 1. The name of the camp is Step It Up - Year 8 Leadership Camp.

In the week before the camp, we had meetings. In one of the meetings, we were put into our groups. I was in Ruakaka. I was a bit sad, because most of my friends were in the other group, Marsden. Because the camp was in Week 9, there were only 3 days to do everything.

Day 1

During the 3 hour trip to Marsden Bay Christian Camp, I got motion sick. This was the first time ever for me. I have been on 3 hour road trips before, but that was different.

Later, we arrived at our destination. We unpacked and had a tour around the camp. Next, we had Morning tea, before moving into our cabins. I was in Cabin 7, with Lee, Faauia, Frank, Zion, Isaaka and Isaiah. There were 8 beds, so we used that as a lie down place.

There was 1 workshop before lunch. It was about teamwork, timing, and communication. It was a blindfold activity were one of us would be blindfolded, while we were guided by our teammate.

After lunch, we had free time to play around until dinner. Our cooks for dinner were Mr & Mrs Coop. They were our cooks for Kawau Island as well. They had already set standards for us, and they exceeded it most definitely. 

After dinner, we had camp concert practice. Like all the other camps, prizes were up for grabs. So we all got into our groups and went off to practice. Unfortunately for Ruakaka, our group had terrible chemistry, unlike the other groups. We were able to fit in 2 chants before our next workshop.

After the workshop, we were given a choice. We could go to sleep, or watch a movie for a few minutes. Most people chose to watch the movies.

Day 2

Some girls were up brushing their teeth at 4 a.m. Lee, Faauia and I were going on a 5 km run with Ms Tito at 6:30 a.m. Because we didn't have any sense of time with us, we all got up and jumped out of our sleeping bags.

"Ha ha!" shouted Lee. He ran to the door, opened it and ran out, to find Mr J right there! Faaiua and I removed our shoes and jumped into our sleeping bags. Mr J forgived us for being deceived, and told us that it was 4 in the morning before leaving.

Later, at 6:30, we got our shoes on and got outside. Some more people came, and we ran off. Lee, Mr Wiseman & I were in the lead. After the run and stretch, Jonson, Lee and I walked to the main hall while Mr Wiseman waited for the others.

Our actual wakeup time if we aren't running was 7:00. As we entered the main hall, the beugel went. 7:00. We had the morning news, and went into our rotations.

My favourite rotation was the waterslide. Our group kept doing chains, and Lee, Isaiah & I were able to make it over the little bump. Josephine was so intent on making it past the bump, and in the end, she did.

After dinner was a 10 minute item practice. After the 10 minutes, we all gathered in the hall for the concert. Unfortunately, like I mentioned earlier, we had bad chemistry, and so nothing more than a 30 second item was accomplished.

Our team came last, but some light remained shining. Quasia and I got best dressed, and several people in our group got other cool awards.

The concert finished at 9:30, our bedtime. So we all got changed, and nodded off for the night.

Day 3

Lee and I were up at 4:00 again. We got dressed and jumped back into bed. Later, Mr J played the buegel. Time to get up. I was so cross. There were many people who were rubbing their victory in our faces.

After breakfast, we got our togs on underneath, got all our items and crowded out by the porch. After greeting the cooks and the owner, we got on the bus and went to Parakai pools.

Once there, we had a roll call before permission to go gallivanting off around the pools. There were 2 slides. One was high and fast, and the other one was low and not as fast. As any year 8 would do, we would go on everything there was.

After 2 hours of sliding, swimming, and making noise, it was time to go back to Pt England. You could tell that everyone wanted to stay. We later got back at 3:30 on Wednesday. Riverside was on, but none of us year 8's wanted to stay and play. We were exhausted. 

I really enjoyed camp. Our team may have come last, and most of my friends were other teams, but that didn't mean that I couldn't have fun. I really do hope that another camp comes up soon for us year 8's. Then all the fun will come and probably repeat itself!

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  1. Hi Iisa! I really enjoyed reading your post as you shared how you found it and also very good detail in recounting the days events. I'm glad that you enjoyed your group of new friends. I'm looking forward to what you will put into practice from your time away at our 'Step it up' leadership camp. See you soon Iisa.