Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wrong Road #3: The End of Everything

We were behind the car when evil Jordan turned around, smiling with giant, white, pupiless, eyes.

Wrong Road
Written And Illustrated by Iisa

#3: The End of Everything

We slowed down. We were so scared. Evil Jordan had a demonic smile, with his big white eyes. “AURGH!” Shouted Vaifoa. He instantly punched evil Jordan in the face.

“Oooh... knockout.” remarked Jordan. After putting evil Jordan in the boot, we jumped in. There was a piece of paper stuck on the radio. It was a scratch-off list. Jordan grabbed it. We read the list aloud.

Our Gang Planz:

#1. go back to 2002

#2. cause chaos.

#3. Make everyones nightmares come true

#4. promise to save everyone if they let us rule the world

#5 cause more chaos.

#6 find a way to get to our opposites

7. eliminate them

“Well,” remarked Jordan. “We found them first. Let’s end them!” CRACK!! A giant crack opened up underneath us. The car started to sink into the lava. I quickly activated the roof. We all rolled our windows up.

Lee was skeptical about all of this. “How do we know it’s lava proof!?” he yelled. “Did you make our time car lava-proof?” I asked. Lee said no. “Well this car is opposite, ain’t it?”

It worked. The only downfall was the heat. Unfortunately, Lee had built an air conditioner in the other car, so we were suffering big time. Vaifoa hit the gas pedal, and we sped off.

We reached the others up ahead. We ran over them, and spun around. I was shocked. They looked more handsome then the rest of us. I looked at the drawing. My opposite drew this. I’m good at drawing.

They were talking like they were 0 years old. Then evil Jordan climbed out the boot. He was like the evil mastermind. Jordan ran at me. Everything went black. I woke up. I had been dreaming it? I looked at my notebook. The entire experience was there. The picture was there too.

It said “Don’t come back.” I looked into my draw. I ripped up the blueprint. I’m not doing that anymore...

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