Sunday, March 1, 2015


I felt like I was on Cloud Nine yesterday. Mau Rakau had started again this year.

Last year, I had attended, later then everyone else, but managed to catch up. As the weeks progressed, we went from around 25 people to 3 people. I was the only year 7 attending.

This year, I came on time. We started with a prayer, and then grabbed our rakau. In Mau Rakau, we use broomsticks without the broom on the end. But before we started, Mrs Tito took out a decorated rakau from behind the stage. I thought that that rakau was Mrs Tito's, but a quick glance at another one made me change my mind.

Mr G was talking about how the rakau was for a special person. I thought it was one of the year 9's, as they were good at Mau rakau. But, Mr G said that it was for me! I was shocked. Mr G said that it was for my commitment.

Tira is a very special taonga to me. I would like to thank Mr G and Mrs Tito, as if it weren't for you, I probably wouldn't be doing Mau rakau anyway. Thank you!

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