Friday, March 20, 2015

Flash Mob Birthday

I walked into the street in the senior block to see that everyone was moving around almost like it was a movie set. It was only 9:15. Movie making this early? Our reading group was sneaking along in the street. Something was on. I walked over to Mrs Tele’a, obviously confused. Mrs Tele’a was dressed in a lovely green and white lavalava, with a sei in her hair. I asked what was going on. It was Mrs Tele’a’s Birthday!

Eric was filming. All of a sudden, Mrs Tele’a let out a big cheer. All the classes got up to look. A group of boys working in the back leapt up off the table and started dancing to the music! Everyone got up and watched. Nearly all of us were too shy to dance with Mrs Tele’a.

Miss Peato and Mr Wiseman weren’t so shy. They came in and danced full of energy like the other boys. Clapping and cheering, everyone was most certainly enjoying the dance of celebration. The boys were dancing like gentle warriors.

At one point, Mrs Tele’a started gathering up her lavalava to show her wonderful tatau. At other points Mrs Tele’a was crouching, and finally, Miss Peato laid herself down on the floor, and with one foot on Miss Peato, Mrs Tele’a kept dancing before jumping over her.

Even though it was a Samoan dance, it wasn’t limited to Samoans. Mr Wiseman got in the action too, trying to copy the other boys, before preceding to move across out of the camera.

The flash mob was most enjoyable. It was graceful, and probably one of the best ways to celebrate someone’s birthday. Happy 40th birthday Mrs Tele’a!

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