Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Conference with Kea'au primary school

Technology has always been something that we should all be grateful for. Today, we used technology to communicate with 2 schools in Hawaii that didn't have much technology. Kea'au primary school is a school located in Hawaii. Their primary school goes from Kindergarten to Grade 5. And Nanakuli primary

The waka Hokule'a is already here. Our cluster of schools will be meeting them in a couple of weeks time. Because of that, their organiser Mary Beth had organised a video chat with us. So at 8:30 a.m, the year 7&8 Extension group got together to chat.

We learnt a lot from the 2 schools. In Hawaii they are home to many native animals. They also have lots of active volcanoes all around. There are some places that mean a lot to them, like the tsunami museum in Hilo. It was dedicated to the history of the April 1, 1946 Pacific tsunami and the May 23, 1960 Chilean tsunami which devastated much of the east coast of the Big Island.

In Nanakuli and Kea'au primary, they are only up to the stage where they are adding more technology based items, such as multimedia's. Who would've know that just one video conference could have taught us so much! I was glad to hear that both schools are made up from many cultures, like our school! We showed them some presentations and movies, and they showed us a presentation.

Screenshot 2014-06-08 21.42.31.pngNanakuli and Kea'au primary are very cool schools. In just 45 minutes we learnt so much about what they do. Like us, they have school trips, but one that I was really interested in was the trip to a volcano. When the video chat ended, I was feeling like I was ready to go see them and talk to them face to face!

In 13 days time, the Hokule'a waka will be arriving at our shores. We have been preparing for this event, by practicing waiatas, mihi's and our chants. Not only is our school preparing for this event, but so is the entire cluster of Manaikalani!

Another thing that we told them before the chat ended, was that we have our own blogs. They now know that they can visit our blogs any time. Here is a link to their amazing site! Goodbye Nanakuli and Kea'au primary, see you soon!

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