Saturday, February 7, 2015


Volume 22, you may be the
last stickmen comic ever.
I have been contemplating ever since volume 19 of The Stickmen Comics was finished, and this was about retirement. I was thinking about finishing at Volume 20, but decided to stop at Volume 25.

But recent thinking has said otherwise. When my family was on the plane leaving Australia, I drew a small strip based on a Calvin and Hobbes strip, and this sparked the Stickmen Strips.

So now I have to maintain both series, which I find nearly impossible, as I'm a Prefect, so I have to do my other jobs too. So retirement at Volume 22? Most likely. I mean, I could really be the end, as the final scene is the 4 characters walking towards the sunset, with Miko saying "Let's go home."

Before my family vacation to Aussie, I had started Volume 23. But that had many faults in it. Some was about age, and Vernon's inventions were just plain creepy. And #3, Miko and Olivia both at one point had badly drawn faces, and by badly I mean...

In the final strip of the Stickmen Strips, it is implied that Darfol is 18. Miko is a year older, making him 18, and the girls are 17 years old. Now if you read what was of Volume 23, you would be confused.

But now enough of Volume 23, Book 1 of the Stickmen Strips is finished, and already I am working on Book 2, so to carry on is unlikely, but still on the list.

I plan to finish the Stickmen Series by the end of year 8, so the decision must be made soon. Miko, sorry to say this, but your adventures will come to an end soon. But, they won't be forgotten.

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