Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Lost At Sea

Imagine you are a crew member, leaving your shore for the first day of the voyage. What you would have done? These are my Diary Entries for that, along with a checklist of what I'd bring.

Day 1

Today, is a special day. This day is when I voyage alone to the abyss and beyond. I do not know if I shall ever return from this vast ocean. I said my final goodbyes to my friends and family. My life shall never be the same after this.

I got onto the boat. The final items were packed on. Multiple emotions were surging through me, I was shaking! The waka started moving. We were off.

What awaits? I don’t know. I just can’t wait to sail the deep blue abyss.

Day thirty:
You have been on the waka for 30 days now...what may you be feeling now?  
What are you now looking forward to?

Day 30

Oh dear. Another fishing line broke today. We’ve been through storms, shark and octopus attacks, low water, flooding, no sleep, and famine! This trip has taken a sharp turn for the worst, I don’t think we’ll ever survive.

I am not very pleased with the way things are turning out, but this is for the sake of adventuring, I did expect this though! I have been sealing this in a bottle for the last few nights in case something happens to us.

The clouds have been blocking the stars for every single night so far, so we don’t know if we’re on course or not. I am starting to doubt the fact that there is any land around. If something good doesn’t happen soon, then.... goodbye.

The Polynesians
Read this article.   
Task: Write up a ‘Checklist’ of things that the crew members need to possess for a successful voyage. Start at the physical through to the behavioural - values.



First Aid Kit
Life Jackets
Fishing Kit
Spare Food
Team Spirit


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