Saturday, February 7, 2015


Week 1 of Term 1 2015 has just finished, and we are all getting ready for Waitangi Day and next week. But I can't wait until the 9th. On the 17th of December last year, he went with his family to go see his dad. Man, the things we did last year together.

If you read the creepy story, then you'd probably know what deprived Jordan and I of sleep for 3 weeks. Ah yes, I warned him, but not myself. In the end, we are still trying to catch up on those 3 weeks of sleep.

Jordan always had the best sportsmanship in handball. If he got out, he'd leave without arguing or anything, while the rest of us would argue over who what why. He was really good at handball, both in playing and sportsmanship.

Before I left to Australia on the 15th of December, he told me that he would return on Week 2 of Term 1 2015. He also told me that at the end of 2015, he will move to Australia and live there. It will be sad to see Jordan go.

2015 may be the last time I'll ever be with Jordan. This year matters so much to both of us. When you leave, I will remember you. My best friend, hope you'll have a good last year. See you soon.

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