Friday, December 26, 2014

The Boxing Day Christmas Story

It's that time of year again. Boxing Day! But yesterday was Christmas, and that's what I'm writing about.

How did my family celebrate it? 

Christmas isn't in my religion, so we don't celebrate it. But because of my cousins and my grandparents who are Christian, we always go over to spend some time with them.

This 25th, my family got ready to go to Valentines at the North shore. After 2 hours of stuffing myself with meat, chips, and jelly icecream, we left to our cousins house. As we approached the exit, there was a Santa Claus and a Mrs. Claus sitting on a sofa by the exit.

They gave me a present. I thanked them and followed my parents out. I was a year too old for the system, but the gift I got was my type. It was a paint pallette. 

They were just starting to have lunch, but I was so full that I could not have lunch with them. They had movies playing on television, so Mum, Dad, Grandma & I sat and watched while Mariam drank some fizzy drinks, and Grandpa watched TV in the other room. 

We watched The Parent Swap, then Guardians of the Galaxy. In between the two movies, Uncle Girshwin gave us some presents to us, which was really kind, considering that we don't actually celebrate Christmas.

Before we left, I was given another gift by Grandma & Grandpa. When I opened it, I was surprised, even though I asked them for this. Diary Of A Wimpy Kid #9: The Long Haul, & A Lego set. As our car drove away, I was so happy tears started leaking out of my eyes. I quickly turned around so no-one saw. When we got home, I quickly built the toys. 

I just have to thank everyone who helped with this 25th.
This is one Christmas I will not forget soon.

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