Saturday, December 13, 2014

One more time pt 2

I looked at the 3 other me’s. “Well then.” I muttered. “Me vs. me while another me runs out and gets caught and the other me comes in. Long.” “C’mon.” the other me spoke up. “We’re all smart. Lets think of something.”

All of a sudden, three of me started fading. We looked over to the original me. I’d been stabbed by some glass from the explosion. I checked myself. “We’re losing blood. Slowly, so someone has to go back in time to stop the explosion.”

I quickly made the time car again with the help of me. We all went back. “Y’know,” I said in space-time, “We should give numbers to each of us.” ZWOOP! We came out, all with new names. I was me #4, and it counted down until me #1.

We came back, and crashed into the car before it could blow up the other three. I looked over to me #1. The glass faded away. We walked over to the school. There were 8 of us! “AAH!!” Me’s #1-4 shouted. The other four looked at us and screamed. All of a sudden, 4 of us started fading away.

So then the 8 of us went back again. We crashed into the other time car, making a bigger crash. The other 4 of us shouted at us. We walked together as a group back over again. We saw another 4 meaning that there were 16 of us.

Something had to be done to stop this from growing. I knew exactly what to do. “Me #1,” I said, “Do the right thing.” I grabbed a shattered piece of glass and stabbed me #3. “Fine then! Leave me and #1 alone!” Me #2 shouted. “Uh oh.” Numbers 3-16 started fading. I watched as they faded away. They were all smiling, knowing that the right thing was being done.

I shoved me #1 into the room. Going quickly, he tried to finish the test. But time was up. That’s when I thought of an idea. I ran, and smashed him with a netbook. I lost some memory of what happened. I mean, I still remembered my objective. #1 failed. I went forward 2 months, and broke the time car’s machine. I started fading away. I smiled. I walked over and got into the car. But the car wouldn’t start.

I was frustrated. I walked in my house, all sad, when the phone rang. I picked it up. It was the principal. He said that a student had moved away so I was welcome to come back.

I picked up the blueprint. “Don’t go back.” It said. “Hmm...” I thought. “What if I did go back? That would be awkward.”

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