Tuesday, December 9, 2014

One more time #1: Me vs. Me

“This is awkward.” I remarked.

One more time

#1: Me vs. me

I was in the middle of a test when I had to run an errand for the teacher. I was lucky, that test was hard. The test was important. With too many students in this school, the test was to decide who would stay, and who’d get kicked out. I soon arrived back, just to find out that the test had concluded. There were no make-up tests either. “You’re a good student, you’re a good student!”

The next day, everyone was soon finding out who got kicked out of school. They soon came to my year. I was the only one kicked out. “WHAT‽” I screeched. There were no more intermediate schools in the rest of the country. How could I live like this? When I got home, I pulled up mail. There was the blueprint.

Two months had passed, and the time car was built. I took one last glance at the blueprint. There was a small print saying “Don’t go back.” I knew that it meant don’t go back in time, but, this was for me. I had to. I thought for a while. Nothing could go wrong. Except for one thing.

I climbed in. I slammed down the pedal, and went back to the test time. I waited outside and peered through the window. I wasn’t paying attention in class then. The teacher said that everyone would be asked to do an errand, and we had to complete it in time.

I watched. And waited. Soon I’d be asked to run an errand, and then complete my work. I planned it perfectly. I watched myself leave the room, and then I entered. I carried on with the test. It was going well. Could this story only have one part?

Nope. Just as the test finished, I saw myself enter the room. “Oh dear...” I groaned. “Hey!” I heard myself shout. I got up. I was being chased by myself. I climbed into the car, and went back 2 hours.

I ran to peer into the window. I was waiting for longer as I went back further. Soon, the test began. I noticed a person come beside me. It was me. “Oi!” I shouted to the past me. “I was here first!”
“No. I was!”
“Nuh uh!”
“Uh huh!” We grew angrier, and a fight began. Me vs. me. a great, and even battle.

Soon the other other me ran out, and got caught in the fight. I managed to get out, while the other two me’s kept fighting. I snuck in and finished the test. But then the other me’s walked in. “D’OH!” I shouted.

So then I went back again. I was cross. I was screwing up. I went back again, and then saw me fighting me. I was about to stop the fight or run in and lock the door when crash! A car crashed into two of the cars, and it blew the third one up.

“STUPID DRIVER!” All 4 of us shouted.

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