Monday, November 24, 2014

The Tatau

Mrs Tele'a had a treat for us today in extension. We had been learning about tattoo designs and what they mean to people. So today, we had a VIP come into the room. It was Mr Tele'a. He came to show us what the tatau looks like. Mrs Tele'a also had a tatau, but it wasn't like the pe'a.

We got into groups as he changed into his lavalava, and in our groups we planned what to ask. My group had come up with some good questions. 15 of them. But changing clothes doesn't take forever, so soon we had to sit down.

Mrs Tele'a asked us where certain bits on the pe'a, like where the va'a(canoe) is, etc. The tatau was certainly detailed and meaningful; every single dot or line meant something very deep! We were able to see all parts of it, as Mr Tele'a was a great model.

After the mini quiz, we were granted permission to ask questions. I asked the most questions (thanks to Gloria). There were some meaningful questions, like "What part means the most to you and why?" and "Would you encourage your sons to get them?" We found out that
Mr Tele'a was tattooed by Tuifa'asisina Su'a.

Finally the 11 o' clock bell rung, and class had to end. Mr Tele'a was a great model, and that helped to provide us with information that now has given us a bigger understanding in the art of tattooing.

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  1. Hi Iisa. The extension class were very lucky to have someone with a real pe'a show their tattoos. Did Mrs Tele'a take any photos? She also has some great traditional tattoos as well. Do you remember what the female version of the pe'a is called?