Saturday, November 22, 2014

Joe Vs The World #4: Name Change!

Joe The Ice Cream Man Vs The World

#4: Miko & Niko

 “Such a long title.” complained Joe. “Let’s change it.”

Joe Vs The World

#4: Name Change!

 “That’s better.” said Joe.
 Joe saw that there was plenty of ice-cream left in the petrol tank. His foot hit the speed pedal once more. ZWOOP!! He went through space time. “Where am I?” he wondered, still speeding.

 ZWOOP!! He found himself 30 years in the future. Joe knew this, there was a massive calendar saying so! The world was a wasteland. Aliens ordering glowing green-eyed humans, a giant machine, and all that sort of things. Joe saw Jordan. Jordan was in the time car. “What are you doing here?” asked Jordan.

Joe was puzzled, and Jordan could tell that. So Jordan explained what happened. “Fine. I’ll go back and save the world.” The future begun to turn bright and colourful. “Yay for Joe!” cheered Jordan. Suddenly it flashed back to the alien future. “Uh oh.” said Jordan.

Joe was back in 2018. “Finally. It’s not 2048 anymore.” he sighed in relief. It was dark, but the sun was rising. Joe thought hard. “I know!” he cheered. He made some special ice cream on a big cone. He ran out of car, and into a cave. The ice cream was glow-in-the-dark, so he could see where he was running.

Screenshot 2014-11-02 at 20.50.48.png

“I love premium flavour!” Joe chuckled. The animals took a liking into the scent of the ice cream, and Joe soon found himself being followed by a dog, pig, and chicken. “Is this... Minecraft?” Joe wondered.

He spotted Miko up ahead. “RRR.” he rumbled. BAM!! Miko rammed his fist into Joe’s stomach. The ice cream flew into Miko’s face. “Aaah!” cried Miko. “This is like petrol!” The animals saw the ice cream, and attacked. Joe saw his chance. He jumped into his car, and revved the engines.

“Back 2 months!” Joe laughed. Zap! He witnessed Jake crush the amulet. And Niko fall on the ground. As they left, he picked up the pieces. “There. Done, and done.” Joe said. He climbed into the car, and went back to the normal time.

Everything was normal. No slaves with green eyes, no crying Mikos and Tims, everything was  in it’s right place. The concert had finished, and the sun was beginning to rise. As Joe walked to the serving area, and small boy named Tommy came up.

“Can I get a 2 scoop cone?” asked Tommy. “That’s $84.98.” replied Joe. “Why?” asked Tommy. “Because I just saved the world.” answered Joe.

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