Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Drawing is something that I really like doing, but showing it is something I didn't like doing as much. When I started school in 2008, my drawing of a person was... well... terrible.

This went on until 2009 when Mrs Glaze was handing out our drawing paper, and showed my person in front of everyone. That made me want to change it immediately. I saw Shalom drawing someone with a box body, and I copied him.

In 2010 I thought my person looked fat. I had to change him, so I did. I went up a stage as well as going down two. He had no shoes or fingers, making him look... well... terrible again.

2011 was my changing point. I had been reading lots of Diary Of A Wimpy Kid books, and I liked the way Jeff Kinney drew his people. So, I copied his unique style for the 2 years I was in Mrs King's class.

2013 would have been like the 2 previous years, but I quickly changed it after seeing how easier it was. My drawing of Greg and the rest was terrible, so I changed it.

And after working on my comics more, I found that I draw best with a mix of Stickmen and the Jeff Kinney style. A person with a round, stickmen-type head, with the Jeff Kinney style body.

So now looking back seems weird. One choice lead to another, which lead to another. Looking back at my first few drawings, wow. Some evolution did take place. I can now saw that in 2008, my drawing of a person was... well... 


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  1. Nice Story Iisa. I think it is really cool and very interesting.