Thursday, July 10, 2014

World Cup!

Here I am, sitting in the lounge watching the Fifa World Cup. I'm watching Semi-final 2, Netherlands versus Argentina. Oh yes, and I'm simultaneously blogging about it too. Can you guess which team I'm rooting for? Yes, it's Argentina! Lionel Messi is my favourite player. I'd like to know who you're supporting. So, you may leave a comment with your favourite team.


  1. Vamos Argentina!!!! I'm not sure they will win, but I remain hopeful. You are right Lionel Messi is outstanding!

  2. Lisa
    Obviously I am leaving this comment after the final, and Argentina did really well to come second in the tournament, but what do you think about it now it is over. Do you think that Messi should have been given the player of the tournament trophy for his four goals and what about the final? Did you think the Germans were lucky to win or do you think that they deserved it even though you were supporting Argentina.
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