Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Back To The Present #4: Wrong Punishment

“Explosion of flavour, too.” added Jordan.

Back To The Present.

#4: Wrong Punishment

“Enough jokes.” groaned Vaifoa. “Get me out. Please.” I rolled my eyes and untied him. “What does this do?” asked Jordan. It was a camera sort thing.

He pressed the red button. GZUURRT! Vaifoa and I were shrunk down. “Oi!” shouted Vaifoa. “Get us back to our normal size!” Before Jordan could do anything else, there was a loud knocking on the door.

Jordan peered through the keyhole. He was shocked. He ran, scooped us up, and hid behind the board. BAM!! The cops broke the door. Jordan shoved the two of us in his pockets.

The cops grabbed Jordan, and chucked him in their floating cop car. Jordan tried to fight back, but the cops kept tasering him. And Vaifoa and I.

Later, we woke up. In a jail cell. “Great.” said Jordan. A cop walked by. “Heh. Tomorrow you’ll be decapitated.” “WHAT!?” shouted Jordan. “Speeding doesn’t end in decapitation!”

“Tough luck.” chuckled the cop. He walked away. “We’ll free you!” I shouted to Jordan. “Here’s the plan.” “Right.” replied Jordan. He now knew what to do.

Another cop walked past. Jordan blew us on the cop. We hitched a ride. “This is awesome!” cheered Vaifoa. I stared at Vaifoa. “Okay,” he replied. “It’s indisputable, but let’s take a vote.”

The cop had the keys. I tried sliding down. I fell off. Desperately trying to get back on, I whistled at the top of my 0.1 millimeter lungs.

Vaifoa heard. He turned, just to see me running. He looked up all of a sudden. He tried to signal me something. I didn’t know what he meant. If it was ‘go faster,’ then he obviously didn’t know how hard it was.

But then a shadow started covering me. I turned around. There was a cop, walking right behind me. He couldn’t see me, so he was going to unexpectedly squish me to death.

I was sprinting with all my might. I slowly gained distance. But then the cop spat out the gum he was eating. Straight at me. I stopped. The gum just missed me.

But the cop kept walking. His shoe went straight down on me. But I wasn’t squished. I was in the treads of the shoe. “Ha ha!” I shrieked with joy. I got up and started dancing.

Clink! I heard. I turned around. Vaifoa had successfully taken the key off. But he couldn’t pull the key. So I ran to Vaifoa. After straining very hard to pull the key 10 cm, I noticed something.

Vaifoa and I grew a bit. “Whoa!” we cried. The keys were much easier to tug now. We were soon full size again. So we ran to Jordan. But as we got to Jordan’s cell, three cops walked around the corner.

“Oi!” shouted one. The three ran at us. Vaifoa hastily tried to unlock the door while I distracted the cops. The cops didn’t stop chasing me. The soon cornered me in the worst room ever: the one with the guillotine.

They slowly got me in the machine, just to torture me. “Last words?” asked one cop. “I hope you will soon come to realise that the rop is too thick.” I replied. “Ha ha.” chuckled the cop.

He let the blade drop. I shut my eyes. There was only one way to live. The guillotine fell on the rope. The rope saved me. I could now fidget out. The cops were quick to realise.

The started to chase. I tried to find Jordan and Vaifoa, or at least their cell. But I couldn’t find it. It was like going through a hedge maze. I kept looking around. They were nowhere to be seen.

So I decided to run outside. But the place I ended up in was worse. It was a hedge maze. I didn’t know what to say, so I facepalmed. “T-this is perfect.” I groaned.

But I managed to give the cops the slip. Panting, I sat down. In the middle of a three-way intersection. I curled up. I started to close my eyes when I heard something. My eyes quickly opened.

It was a cop. “He must be here somewhere, there is no exit!” I gulped. Since I was in three-way intersection, they could surround me. I had to escape. So I ran. I soon found the way out. Jordan and Vaifoa ran into me when I ran past a bend. “How’d ya escape?” asked Jordan. “There was no exit!”

“Easy.” I replied. “I went through the entrance."

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