Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Back To The Present #3: You're not Emma!

“Why didn’t the bridge collapse?” I asked myself.

I looked to the side of the train. I then did calculations. “Flaring brakevan... + 8 coal trucks leading here... =... OH GOD JORDAN WE HAVE TO ESCAPE!!!!” I screamed in horror.

Back to the present.

#3: You're not Emma!

Panicking to the future and back, I looked on the side of the train. There was a fire extinguisher. I ran to the brakevan. KKKKK! I put the fire out.

The bend was approaching. I ran back, but tripped on some coal. I rolled off the trucks. Rolling down the hill helped me gain more speed than the train.
Screenshot 2014-07-15 at 11.02.08.png

“Weeeeee!” I trembled. I was breaking records here. Luckily, Jordan figured out how to reverse. The train slowly climbed it’s way back up the hill, leaving me. “Stop spinning!” called Jordan.

“You do it!” I replied, speeding down. PLOOSH!! I rolled straight into a lake. I instantly stuck my head out from the water. “POOH!!” I spat, spitting water out.

I started climbing up the hill. At the top, I tripped over. I started rolling down the hill again. “HALP!” I shouted.

A few minutes later, I was the top again. I followed the tram line to the shed. It was in pieces. I looked at Jordan. “It went a bit too far okay!?” He shouted.

I looked at the field. There were many ditches, one which had to have the car. “Get ready for some dirty work.” I told Jordan.

“Over here!” I yelled to Jordan. “Finally! After 53 minutes!” replied Jordan. We tugged and tugged, but it was no use. I saw a long chain lying by one of the ditches.

I picked it up, and attached one end to the back of the car. Then I attached the other end to the back of the train. I climbed in. The train started again.

Slowly but surely, the train pulled the car out. When the job was completed, we scrambled in. “Time to save Vaifoa.” I said heroically.

With a massive roar, the car sped across the rough terrain like childrens play. It was already raining, and lightning struck the rod. ZWOOP! The car entered space-time.

We sped straight through space-time and exited on December 24th, 2064. We were falling again. With a massive smash, we landed. On the bottom floor. I looked around.

There was Vaifoa, all strapped up in what looked like a torture machine. “Vaifoa!” The two of us shouted simultaneously.

cartoonlover98A man landed in front of us. He was bulky. “Hubba hubba hubba!” wheezed Jordan. “Shush!” I scolded, knocking Jordan with the back of my hand. “You’re not Emma!

We both charged at the man. SMAK!! We were both smacked backwards. I jumped up. "You baka!" I shouted. "Jordan will kill you!"

"What!?" Jordan and Vaifoa asked. “Hold that thought,” the man said. “Fruit’s done. This fruit gives me power.” He grabbed it, and ate it. His muscles got bigger.

“That’s not good.” I thought. SMAK!!! We were getting knocked everywhere like pinballs in a pinball game. Once we hit the ground, Jordan reached for something in his pocket. He ripped a tag off it.

“What are you doing?” the man asked. “THIS IS CHRISTMAS, MELON FARMER!!” Jordan shouted, and threw a grenade right in the man’s mouth. KA-BAM!!! He blew up.

“Explosion of flavour, too.” added Jordan.

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