Monday, June 30, 2014

My first advertisment!

Another short animation made completely by me! I made it for a specific purpose. In extension we had to make an animation that advertises our creation. What creation? Previously, we did a combination key that combined two different things to create something new.

The order of my creations were: #1 - Mortar & Pesthoe. It's like mortar and pestle, but at the other end is a hoe. #2 - Mortar & Pesthose. Just like mortar and pesthoe, except for the fact that the hoe is a hose. #3 - Hoehose. This one you don't have read about, because Mrs Tele'a told us that our best creation would be on the advertisment.

Yes, this advert is all about the hoehose. A 20-second long short about the 2nd best invention I ever made. Since this was made for the people in Malawi, it is pretty cheap. But that doesn't subtract the quality. So, voilà. Enjoy!
Malawi Advertisment By Iisa© from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

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  1. Well done Iisa. You have managed yourself and your time well this term. I enjoyed this ad as you share what the problem or difficulty is and then offer the solution in in your product. You've included some good detail in your post. Maybe you could add another paragraph that would explain how this tool would make life easier/better in Malawi?