Wednesday, June 4, 2014

How to play Soccer

For those of you wanting to play soccer, but don’t know how to play it, here’s an explanation of how to. First, you need players for 2 teams.

In 11 a-side soccer, you usually have 3 forwards(strikers), 4 mids(they help strike and defence), and 3 defenders(.They protect the goal). And a goalkeeper of course. Here is an image showing those positions.

The goalkeeper is the only one who can use his hands. If he uses his hands outside the box, then it’s a handball. Anyone who uses their hands is also handballing. If it hits your hand by accident, then you keep playing.

If it still ends out as a handball, then the opposition takes a freekick from that spot. If the ball goes in the net, then it’s a goal. But don’t go kicking the ball in your net, otherwise the point goes to the other team!

If the other team kicks the ball out, then it’s your team’s throw in (and vice versa). When throwing in, there are some requirements. Both hands must be on the ball, your legs mustn’t go off the ground, and you can’t go in front of the line.

If you’re doing offsides, then make sure that no player is in front of the last defender on the other team, otherwise it’s an offside and any goals scored that way counts as nothing. So be wary of your players positions.

The winner, is the team that scores the most goals!

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  1. Thanks for the info it was good. Now I think I might be able to play soccer.