Friday, April 25, 2014

The Death Cases: Case 1: Poison

“She’s... poisoned.” whispered doctor Emma Jane. “What?” replied Sheriff Michael Jones. “Can’t be.”

The Death Cases.

Case 1: Poison

How did this happen? Let’s go to the beginning.
Michael and Abigail were friends since kindergarden. Even when they graduated from University, they were still friends. Michael was a shy boy, and Abigail was caring, but a loud-mouth as well. With the help of Abigail, Michael became a very famous cop.

Somewhere along they way, they soon separated. It was all because Michael was flirting with his doctor, Emma Jane. One night, Abigail’s family called for immediate service. Emma and Michael came, and investigated the mess.

“She’s... poisoned.” whispered Emma. “What?” replied Michael. “Can’t be.”
“It’s true. Arsenic in her urine proved it.”
“Wha.... A-Abigail...” sniffed Michael. He started to cry. “I-I w-will avenge you.” KABLONK!

The door ripped off it’s hinges. “What the heck!?” shouted Emma. There was a tornado whirling about. “Don’t worry!” Michael said. He pulled out his gun and started shooting the tornado.

It didn’t work. “Anymore bright ideas?” asked Emma. “I know!” Michael shouted. SMAKY! A lightbulb fell on his head. “Owww...” Michael groaned. “Are you alright?” asked Emma. “You seem to be killing yourself today.”

Michael walked away. He had to find the source. A flake fell on his hand. “Is this... arsenic?” He wondered. He ran to Emma. “It’s arsenic alright.” she answered.

Emma looked up. There was a nicely painted ceiling. Michael went around, looking for the answer. It turned out that there was arsenic in the paint. But the paint was made 1 year ago.

“We seem to have a 1 year-old case. Happy birthday!” Michael said. “Well,” said Emma, “I best get going.” When she reached the door, she screamed. Michael ran to her. “You alright?” Then he looked out.

The house had been picked up by the tornado. It picked up a paint can from the bin and flung it at the two of them. “I’ll catch it.” Michael heroically said. SMAKKY!! It hit his head, knocking him out.

“Good catch!” Emma shouted to the conked-out Michael. She inspected the can. It said : ‘JONSE’S PAINT: IT WORKS FASTER THAN DEATH CAN COME’. Emma jumped out of the house.

Wheeeee..... This is so cool!!" Emma laughed. "YOU FIND THIS FUNNY!!??" Michael screamed, while tussling through the air. “When did you get up?” asked Emma.
“I jumped out when you left.”
“Well that explains tha-” KA BOOM! They landed in Jonse’s paint store. Emma accused them, Michael cuffed them up, and the two of them took them to jail. “Case solved.” Emma said, pleased.

Michael and Emma find an old car on a deserted island. But it probably isn’t. There’s a house there, a hand poking out of one of the walls, and a U.F.O....

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