Thursday, April 17, 2014

Herobrines attack Part 6: Cheese, Human Meteors, and Electronic Jet Packs!

“Around 98.581 perceeeeeee... WAIT WHAT?!”

CHAPTER 6: Cheese, Human Meteors, and Electronic Jet Packs!

“Still good math.” I replied calmly. “rrrrrrgggggg....” Jordan groaned angrily. “NO!” screamed Vaifoa. “It’s not worth the penalty!” “F-FINE.” Jordan grumbled.

“Find a spot to hide.” I told them. They did. “Mitch,” I said like a general or commander acting all macho as he was gonna risk his life, “Once I leave, teleport to a different dimension.” “O...Ok-kay?” Mitch worried.

“GOOD!” I shouted, jumping out of the U.F.O inside a spacesuit. Mitch teleported the U.F.O away. I saw a button on the arm thing. It said ‘EJECT’. But with the pixelation around, I didn’t know what it said. “Electronic...Jet Pack?” I thought. “JETPACK!!” I shouted pressing the button.

KABAMMO!! I shot through space really fast. Really fast. Any faster and I think time would stop. In around 2 seconds, I could already see Earth. I looked at myself. I had no suit on! I looked around. The stars and planets looked like thin streaks of light. “Wait,” I thought. “That was Eject?”

I looked forward again. “Oh dear,” I thought, going faster and faster towards the earth. The gravity caught me. All of a sudden, I burst in flames. I was like a meteor striking earth.

“T-this guy is o-on fire! S-someone get the extinguisher!” I sung in my head. As I got closer to the ground, I saw Herobrine. I could kill him. He couldn’t control me because I wasn’t pixelated.

I grinned. Herobrine couldn't see me! I could kill him! But then, he moved forward. "Herobrine, what are you doing?" I whispered angrily. 

"How could this happen to meeeeeeeeeee!" I sung, falling faster and faster. I looked back. Herobrine walked back. I smiled. But then it turned out that he walked too far back.

"Uh oh." I called in horror.
SMAK! BANG! SNAP! CRACKLE! "YEOOOWW!!" I shrieked in pain. Herobrine gave me a funny look. "Oh stuff you." I yelled, kicking Herobrine in the groin with my fractured leg.

Herobrine got mad. He was about to kick me back when Jordan sped through, picked me up, and ran. “Really,” he said, “Did you really think you’d have all the fun?”

“Where are the others?” I asked.
“Oh, let’s say they’re not fond of cheese.” Jordan replied. He then phoned Mitch.
They teleported in front of us, then we ran on in, and we teleported away again.

“How come you guys haven’t shrunk?” Mitch asked.
“Dunno.” I replied.
“I mean, it shrinks zombies and that, but...”
“We’re human.”
ANOTHER IDEA!! This time I caught the lightbulb. I tore off a piece of the cheese and opened the door. I stopped. We were in a different dimension still. “Where is this place?” I asked.

“Dunno. Maybe in a black hole or something.” Vaifoa replied, falling asleep. I ran up to him and started slapping him in the face multiple times.

“C’mon Vaifoa! We need to get out of here so we can kill Herobrine! Look, I’m sleepy too but... never mind.” I mumbled. As I walked away, Jordan talked to him. “We’re having breakfast.” Vaifoa sat up in an instant. I stared at Jordan. And Mitch. And Vaifoa. “We are?” We asked synchronously.

“Nope. Needed to get you up.” Jordan told us. I ran outside. I looked around. I saw Herobrine, and ran at him. He saw me. He ran at me. I stopped, turned around, and ran. “Hope this works!” I thought.

I stopped again, waited until he got closer, then... SMAK!! I hit Herobrine with the lightbulb. “Energy efficient too.” I scoffed at the unconscious Herobrine. I stuffed the cheese down his throat. “Are ya human?” I thought.

The cheese shrunk him. All the way until he disappeared. “Wow.” Jordan, Vaifoa and Mitch said together standing behind me. Once we were sure the pixelation was gone, we went to Mouse Planet.

We dropped of Mitch, and what was left of the cheese, then went home. On the way back, Vaifoa caught Jordan playing games on his phone. “Let me have a turn.” Vaifoa asked. THUMP! I turned around. Vaifoa was on the ground. Unconscious. “What happened?” I asked.

“I gave the phone to him. I was just on Minecraft!” Jordan answered. But worse was still to come. As we found out when we approached Earth. I was worried. The Earth...

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