Friday, January 24, 2014

Underground Pt 1: To the core and no further

Ever had a plan which never got far but in the end it did? If so, this may be the story for you! Mikel Jane Codawer always wanted to go underground to the core, after watching The Core, but was always but down. But when the U.S.A accidentally stopped the core from spinning, guess who had to save them!

  Mike's plan off travelling to core was laughed at again. "No-one believes me." He groaned. "Mike dear," said the teacher, "you can't just fly a rocket at top into the earth." "Not," argued Mike, "unless you attach a drill on top. See, I'll be on top of the world!"

  Mike ended flunking his year again soon after, since all he did was talk about the plan. "MIKE!!" shouted his mother, holding a report card"This is the 7th time that you've flunked year 12!! What is wrong, huh? You're 24!!!" "Simple." replied Mike. "Everyone doesn't listen to me."

  His mother looked at his plan. "We aren't millionaires, Mike. And you and I haven't done any training." "What about dad?" He asked. 

Mike was born in a hospital in Massachusetts. His mum drove home. Jerome Codawer had returned from  his walk on the moon. "Mikey dear," Said Mike's mom, "You're dad went on the moon. Howzat?" "Waaaahh!!!" Cried Mike. One day Jerome went on a mission, but never came back.
  "I wanna go underground, ma! That way, it means dad went up, and I went down!" After 2 years of astronaut training with someone named Mitch, he was ready.  He attached a drill on. "I'll go tomorrow, mum." He told her as he plopped himself in front of the TV. 

Help! I'm dying!!
  "BREAKING NEWS - United States stops core spinning with bomb. Doomsday to occur soon." Mike read. "Uh oh, seems like a little time to enjoy my life!" replied Mike's mom.

  The next day, anyone who ever heard of Mike's plan stood outside the door to his house. When Mike unlocked the door, BOOM!! Everyone ran inside. The door ripped from it's hinges. "Help! I dying!!" Mike screamed.

  Mike tried to get up, but everyone was squashing him. And the door didn't help. "Why didn't I ever do weightlifting?" Mike groaned.

  Once Mike got out of the death trap, he talked with everyone else. "I just need 4 more people." Mike explained. He picked the 4. "Mitch, Notch, Rijax, and.....                                                           Who will get chosen? Find out next time...

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