Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Great Crime Of Legoland

BANG!!! “We’ve got you now, criminals!!” Shouted Douglas. “Question,” interrupted Darfol, “Why does all the criminal things happen here?” The trio of criminals started running. Before they reached the door, Mikel blocked their way. “Where are ya goin’?” He teased.

Then one of the 3 criminals, Vernon, jumped on his motorcycle and drove right into Mike. The other 2 were already handcuffed. While Mike regained consciousness, Douglas ran after Vernon.

“Wha- what h-happened?” asked Mike. Darfol explained everything. “...and we’ve got these two.” Mike and Darfol walked home, with the 2 criminals. “Okay,” asked Mike, “what are your names?” The criminals didn’t answer. “Just call them #8754 and #8755.” Darfol said.

Douglas was shooting at Vernon. “Stop! I said... Stop!!! STOP IN THE NAME OF THE LAW!!!” Douglas screamed. He shot the back wheel. Vernon got up and ran.

Douglas knew he had no choice. He reloaded his gun, aimed for Vernon, and then...

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