Monday, November 4, 2013

The whisper

I was running over to Mom's room. Why? When I woke up in the middle of the night, I heard a whisper. I searched my room. No one was there. I decided to ask Mariam. She wasn’t there. Things have been pretty weird since Mitch and I experienced PARANORMAL ACTIVITY.  But this wasn’t a time to be looking back. I had to go tell Mom NOW.

“What did the ‘whisper’ say?” Mom asked.
“It said that I have 24 hours to move or else we’ll all die. 24 HOURS MOM! 24 HOURS! What’re we gonna do?”
“Go back to sleep.” Seeing that Mom wasn’t going to help me, I had to take matters into my own hands. But I still needed help. When the light was coming through the curtains and onto my face, I got up. there was no time to waste.

I ran over to Mitch’s house. But it turned out he wasn’t there. “Damn, now I have to find Rory.” I thought. Rory isn’t that easy to find. So I decided to head back home. On the way, I saw a poster next to a sign about the prices of houses going 30x. “THE WORLD WILL BE DESTROYED. IF WE DO NOT GET RID OF THE POOR PEOPLE, THEN EVERYONE WILL DIE.” “Harsh.” I thought.

That’s when it hit me. “My family isn’t poor.”I said. “We’re the average type. So why was the whisper telling us to--” I think I knew what was happening. Houses cost 30x extra now. My family couldn’t afford any of that. So they or whatever was trying to get us to sell our house, get us to live on the street, so then we would die.

I was running home. Mom and Dad might sell the house before I get there. And the second they do, we’re dead. I pulled out my Iphone 5, and tried to call them. I had no AirTime. BANG! I crashed into what looked like a U.F.O. I looked inside. There was Rory.

I told Rory everything.
“..So I need you to fly me over.”
“Okay, get in. I just threw Notch and his friend ‘Bardock’ off into the mountains.”
“That’s harsh, man.” I said, climbing in.
“Hey! They told me that they like near death experiences-”

“Less talking, more flying!” The U.F.O sped off. But not that fast. We flew at 90mph. “Can’t this thing go any faster?” “Yes,” Rory answered. He smashed light speed. I really regret asking for faster, because my face was pulling back like in those movies where they go fast.

“C-A-N Y-O-U G-O S-L-O-W-E-R?” I asked. Rory came to a sudden stop. He stopped the thing right on the spot. But I kept moving. I crashed right through the window. “Aaaahh!!” I screamed, falling. Rory laughed. “You should’ve worn your seatbel-” “Shut up!” I interrupted. I banged through the door. Mom was about to sell the house. “Noooooooo!” I said, jumping slow-mo in mid air. I knocked the contract out of Mom’s hand. I then told her about what was happening.

Mom thought for a while. “Okay, then what was the whisper?” She asked. I paused for a while. I heard a giggle. It came from underneath me. “I think I know where to go.” I answered. Mom and I walked down into the basement. Mom turned on the light, and then we saw--

My sister and her friends. “April Fools!” Mariam shouted. I had completely forgotten about that. While Mom dealt with Mariam, I went up and informed the guy who was gonna sell our house that we weren't going to do that. So he left.

As a walked outside to say good riddance to the salesman, I saw Rory looking at me, cross. “Are you gonna pay me for that ride?” I stood there. After awhile I threw my Iphone at Rory. I hit him right in the forehead. "Owww..." Rory mumbled with tears in his eyes.

“April Fools!” I shouted.

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