Monday, November 11, 2013

Stranded Pt 6: Kinda expected it...

The water going shallower meant one thing: the volcano caused a tsunami. “Seeing that there’s no point in arguing, how about we get out of here?” I asked. Since Vaifoa did this kind of training, I knew he could spout some mumbo jumbo and tell where to go.

“Well, seeing that the water is shallower there, it means that land’s that way.” Vaifoa answered.

“Let’s go!” I yelled joyfully.
“Best not to.”
“At this rate, by the time we get there, the tsunami will strike. Best to stay and go through a swell.”
“Wait. What about the people on land?”
“Who cares? They almost killed us by stranding you on this island. We already lost one life.”
“So? That was because some idiot was using WiFi on the pl--” I saw a massive swell in the distance. My heart was pounding. Any faster and it might stop. “Are you SURE that we’re safe here?” I asked, unassuringly. In fact, Vaifoa was right. Kinda. The swell started to turn into a wave, and we were riding on it.

“Haven’t I seen this on Phineas And Ferb?” Vaifoa asked. His face had a wandering expression. “This is unorthodox...” I awkwardly said to Vaifoa. “Riding a tsunami... we’re doomed, aren’t we?”
“Probably.” The wave got bigger and bigger. “I don’t feel well...” Vaifoa informed me. It was a good thing too. By that time I noticed a zombie underneath the boat. Vaifoa spewed all over the zombie. “Ew.” I thought.

The shore was getting closer. I remembered something. When Lee died, I picked up his phone from his pocket. I phoned lots of people, and told them about what was happening. Word got around, and soon enough, the whole town was evacuated.

Just in time, too. The tsunami had struck. I looked ahead. A little girl. “Shoot...” I said scaredly. I moved to the tip of the boat. I grabbed her. I looked at her. She looked at Vaifoa. Vaifoa looked at the zombie with spew on it. The zombie looked at me. We all screamed in terror.

The zombie climbed on the boat. I threw the girl at the zombie. “RUN!!” Me and Vaifoa grabbed onto a building by the open windowsill. The boat broke. Leaving Vaifoa and I hanging. We managed to climb inside.

24 days later, the water started to settle. Everyone was glad that they made it out alive. Which is a little more than what I can say for the zombie and girl. People treated us like we were Superman or something.

A few days later, we got invited to a ferry ride to ‘The World Of The Unknown’. I looked on the map, and it turned out it was going to the island we were on. So Vaifoa got us a helicopter just in case.

When we got there, Vaifoa got mad. “I thought that they were gonna show us the island we were on! Not a volcanic island!”
“This is the place. The last time we saw it, it was in the beginning of a volcanic eruption, remember?” Vaifoa didn’t answer. He was too busy looking at the cave. His face had a worried expression. I looked at the cave. There was a zombie running out. It jumped, grabbed ahold of the bow, and climbed up.

Everybody panicked. “Calm down!” I yelled. “Don’t wo--” The zombie ran at me. It looked like the zombie which was burning in the sun. I guess it managed to roll into the cave. “NINJA KICK!!! Vaifoa shouted. He kicked the zombie high in the air. When it came lower, it sung forwards into the steering area. It bit the staff. Then they bit the passengers. It was just Vaifoa and I.

“What do we do now Viffl?” I asked.
“Your new nickname. WHAT DO WE DO?!”
“Call me by my REAL name.” Immediately Vaifoa pulled out his phone. He called the helicopter. The chopper came right in the nick of time. We flew up, and away. In the distance I saw the island that we were once stranded on. As the sun started to fade away, it made the island look way more beautiful.

Disaster struck. The helicopter had a zombie hanging on. It was about to strike. I reached into Vaifoa’s pocket, took out his cellphone, and threw it on the zombie. It fell to it’s death. “Phew!” I gasped in relief. Soon after, we landed. Vaifoa and I both promised to never go near that island ever again.

So I guess this the end of my story. We lost a life, trying to get home, but that kinda saved millions of lives.

So, I guess, I have to say, goodbye!

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