Sunday, November 3, 2013

Stranded Pt 5: With allies like these...

Actually, we weren’t. A rock from the volcano flew and broke the wave, so we still went on. Soon after, I saw in the distance land. I looked closer. An airport.

It was the airport me and Lee took off from. I thought of going there and chewing out the staff about leaving me and Lee deserted on an island. But there were other problems to solve first.

There was a huge wind that was sending me and Vaifoa away from the beach.
“NO!” Vaifoa yelled.
“We were so close!”
“I want to die happy!”
“Is there anything we can do!?” I looked at the oars.
“We could use these.”
“OF COURSE!” shouted Vaifoa. We both paddled towards the island, but the oars broke.

We had one more hope. To swim.

The sun was starting to break through the dark lumps of ash up above. Smaller waves started to appear.
“C’mon Vaifoa! We have to get there!” I shouted desperately. When I turned around, I saw Vaifoa listening to Bad Apple on the piano.
“IS THIS REALLY A TIME TO BE LISTENING TO MUSIC!?” I screamed angrily at Vaifoa.
“Yes. You should listen to this.” I floated over.
“Mmm. Yeah, I see what you mean now.”
Out of the clearing up sky, a rock from the volcano smashed right through the Ipad Mini. That did it for Vaifoa. Tears were pouring out of his eyes.

He was screaming like a little spoiled girl who got dirty. “WAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!” he screeched. I couldn’t stand any more of this.

“SHUT...UP!!!!" I screamed. "Not only have you been wasting our time, but now you’ve wasted so much time! We could’ve been home by now!” I turned around.

There was no more sight of an island. We wasted so much time that the current pulled us away.  “I.. I... I c-can’t take anymore o-of this!” Vaifoa screamed. I jumped into the water. “You coming?” I asked sarcastically. “Thanks for asking, no.” Vaifoa answered. “Why?” I asked. Before Vaifoa could answer, the water got shallower. “Uh oh.” I said.

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